A Valentine’s Trip to London

The Clapton district of London is trendy and hipster, but it can also be ridiculously romantic. If you’re looking for a fun place to take your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, why not stay and play here? There’s plenty to see and do during a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway weekend!

There are lots of hotels in the area, but why stay in a hotel when you can have a whole house to yourselves? This lovely home is available on Airbnb for only about £80 per night, and it’s within walking distance of many great places to go, including restaurants and nightlife.


Romantic walks in the park are the first order of business for a Valentine’s Day getaway in London. Springfield Park is the best place to go in the Clapton area. It’s beautiful (even a bit magical), and generally uncrowded. You can play tennis, watch the ducks, or just wander under the willows. Don’t forget to grab lunch at Spark Café, a repurposed historic home at the edge of the park. Another wonderful walk is the canal walk along the River Lea, where you can watch the boats bob up and down. Don’t forget to visit Broadway Market for the shopping! You can buy anything at this eclectic farmer’s market, from lunch to bizarre clothes to homemade soap. Finally, stop in the Geffyre, where you can explore many rooms of an old mansion that are decorated to reflect various time periods.

It’s hard to choose just a few places to taste in Clapton! Cooper and Wolfe is a good place to start. This funky hipster café is brightly colored, with interesting décor and a delicious menu. There’s also an honor-system book exchange, so you can pick up a new read during your visit. Little Ivy’s is the perfect place to go for a Valentine’s dinner. This Spanish-influenced restaurant is dim, cozy, and candle-lit, as well as a bit off the beaten path as far as date night restaurants go. Finally, make your way to The Clapton Hart, where you’ll find craft beers and delicious food.


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